We arrived at Rock Springs in Apopka on a chilly morning in January. As soon as we walked down the wood stairs that leads to the head of the springs I could see the steam rising off of the springs. Rock Springs is a natural spring that stays a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The mix of the could air and the warm water created a dreamy fog-like effect. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Allie and BJ were such naturals and so fun to photograph! Really looking forward to their boho wedding this December!

Little something extra if ya wanna hear! The weather during your session makes a HUGE difference. Is it sunny, is it cloudy, is it overcast. Is it morning, noon or sunset. I love to start my sessions at sunrise and an hour before sunset. I have found these the best time of day for beautiful natural lighting. So when booking your session with me these will most likely be your options!

I edit each session differently depending on lighting and the mood of the shoot. If your session is in bright sun your photos will most likely be warm and golden, but if it is overcast and cloudy the edit may be a bit cooler. I try to show photos from most of my sessions so you are able to see how no session will ever be the same! For reference this Rock Springs engagement was shot an hour after sunrise on a very sunny and cold day!



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