Melissa + Wyatt

From the moment Melissa and I started chatting about her engagement and wedding I was hooked! I knew I just had to meet her and her guy, Wyatt! They are the cutest high school sweet hearts, which really hits home since I am married to my high school sweetie for the past 7 years. They went to colleges across the country and after graduating new it was meant to be! They are now in Kansas because Wyatt is in the Army. Also, another reason why I knew we were perfect, I have been to Kansas many times to visit Kenny, my husband, during his time stationed there. It is so neat how even in a world that seems so big it can be so small.

I was so excited to meet the both of them and to capture their love. These photos are extra special not only because they are their engagement photos, but Wyatt will be deployed for a year. During extended periods away I know how important photos can be. They help you relive the feelings, moments and help you feel close to someone even if they are far.

Our session at Rollins College was so much more than I could have imagined. The architecture is incredible. The details were unreal. So many little hidden gems to be found just by simply wandering around the campus. We had the best time finding arches, old wood ceilings, gardens and a fountain as we skipped and danced through the halls. I’ll be over here doing a happy dance until their wedding when Wyatt returns in 2020!


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