Francesca + Bennett

This adventure couples session was “all things Clermont”! I have lived here basically my whole life (minus 6 years when I was in the Army) and I love my little town! The crazy thing is I have known these 2 for quite a while. Bennett and I were actually in the same class in Kindergarten. We both remember our teacher and her crazy, fun hats that she would wear every day! Francesca went to high school with us and she is one of the sweetest people you will meet! She instantly connects with you and I am pretty sure everyone adores her!

To start our session we met at our local winery, Lakeridge Winery. They offer a free wine tasting and tour. We didn’t do the tour, but we tried ALLLLL the wines and it was delicious and so fun! Most guys, including my own, are not usually so fond of having there photos taken and especially for an extended period of time. Starting off with the free wine tasting helped Bennett (and all of us) relax. As we wandered around the winery we found some beautiful arches with vines! We were able to take a few photos in the vineyard, but had to be on the lookout for rattle snakes! There are signs all around and we were even warned a couple times, but thankfully Bennett did not have to save us, as we did not see any!

After a short drive to downtown we found a beautiful blooming tree, a bright yellow wall, and beautiful brick. The yellow wall may be one of my favorites. It makes me so happy by just looking it in these photos! I guess Francesca and Bennett probably have a lot to do with that as well! They exude happiness. I enjoyed our time together so much. It was like I was hanging out with old friends. But the best kind!

We ended at Bennett’s uncles house for a sunset and a splash (without the sunset)! There were clouds and it rained most of the time we were at the lake, but I am soooo in love with these photos and how they turned out! They were everything I was hoping they would be and SOOO much more. I am so glad Francesca and Bennett were down to go along with my sizzling ideas. By this time in the session they were trying any idea that popped into my head, some more magnificent than others! But hey! It was all so fun! and in my opinion even if some of the photos don’t turn out I want you to have the best time at a session with me! I will only send you the good ones I promise! Although, going through a few of these at the end had me dying of laughter! Francesca and Bennett, you are such an amazing couple! Love you!

That’s all for tonight! If you want to schedule a session fill out the contact form below! I would love to hear from you and see what kind of magic we can create together!


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